November 26, 2007

The Outer Edge of Your Mind,
Today's Sign Post Ahead Reads:

About This Blog:
This Blog is about SIGNS.
Funny and unusual signs, posters, advertisements, stickers, graffiti, etc. from around the world. It is not about politics, religion, or any other aspect of life.
Signs are everywhere. They are part of our life now. It is very difficult to go anywhere without seeing a sign of some type.
Some of the signs are homemade, some are stupid, some are funny, some just insane because of the surrounding circumstances, some are just unusual.
Don’t just look at the sign, look at the background as well.

Do you have an unusual or funny SIGN you want posted on this BLOG?
Then send it to me via email at:

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how true said...

That second sign post (prick in front of you) is great.